A website audit is a thorough analysis of a website in order to determine any potential issues that could impact the performance of a website. Our website audit service focuses on analyzing your website from various points of view including an SEO perspective, a usability perspective, and a content perspective. Our team spends time analyzing various technical aspects of the website to determine how specific decisions or design aspects impact how the website performs.

If there are issues that are prevent users from finding, accessing, or using your website it could be hurting your sales potential. Many businesses are unaware of issues that may arise over time which may negatively impact their website in the search engines or may drive users away due to usability issues. A thorough website audit report will identify and provide assistance in solving these issues.

Our website audit process involves an analysis of the key pages of the website, key sections of the website which have the heaviest amount of traffic driven to them, and design and development aspects which need to be improved. The HTML/CSS code of the website is tested for validation and load times are tested to ensure pages are loading in a timely manner. Other issues which are tested for include 301 redirect issues and broken links which can impact a website’s organic performance in major search engines.

Additional tests often check for spam and malware on websites to ensure the safety of visitors and to prevent a website from being delisted in the search results. The content of various pages on the website is also read and analyzed in order to find common mistakes which can negatively affect the overall perception of a visitor or a spider visiting from a search engine.